A new approach to help provide the best care for you.

The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a quality of care model that involves a patient and his/her personal physician. It focuses on care coordination, building care relationships and encouraging patients and their families toward self management.

The medical home physician leads the team that provides preventative care for all its patients as well as chronic care management. The medical home patient takes accountability for their own health care. They stay informed and participate in the active management of their own preventative care and chronic care management. The benefits of the Patient Centered Medical Home include improved access to high-quality care and focus on the individual patient as a partner in overall health care.

The Patient Centered Medical Home model provides the setting for comprehensive patient care and includes the following:

Partnership – the responsibilities of the patient, the provider and the provider’s staff are outlined to ensure quality care and encourage an ongoing relationship between the provider and their patients

Communication – the assurance of open communication among patient and their health care provider that will reduce gaps in care and duplication of tests and procedures

Access to Care – the extension of office hours and implementation of same day appointments will enable patients to have greater access to a clinical decision maker

Patient Focus – the needs of the patient are always first, through all stages of life

Self-Management – the patient is engaged in their health care management

Care Coordination – the patient is assisted in navigating the complex medical system and specialist referrals

Community Services – the linkage to activities that help patients and their families connect with community resources and services

Technology – the adoption of technology in the provider offices

· Patient Registries – monitor adherence to tests and treatments

· e-Prescribing – encourages safe and efficient prescribing practices

At Waterford Family Physicians,  we have received recognition as an office that provides care according to the standards of a Patient Centered Medical Home  (PCMH).  An office designated as a PCMH, provides comprehensive, coordinated  health care to patients at all stages of their life. It is a health care partnership developed between the  patient and his/her personal physician.

We are excited to discuss this rewarding approach to health care right here in our office with no additional cost or inconvenience  to you.  In fact, we think you will be very pleased  with some of the patient friendly features that will be available to you now and in the future.

In addition to this program,  Waterford Family Physicians is participating in the Michigan Primary Care Transformation Project (MiPCT). This is a cooperative project through Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MI, Blue Care Network and Medicaid. The projects basic goals are to improve patient care and prevent hospitalizations through the help of a care manager.

You may work with our Care Manager, Carrie Jacobson, RN. The Care Manager works closely with the physicians to integrate your care and help assess any healthcare, educational, or other needs you or your family may have. She can also provide you with self-management support and education regarding your illness and treatment. She can assist with transitional care settings for example, hospital and rehab follow-up.

Our goal is to work with patients to help them improve control of chronic diseases; reduce high cost and high stress interventions such as Emergency Room visits and inpatient stays.

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